With unequal offers, choosing health insurance is not easy. There are several health insurance companies’ dispersion worldwide. They mainly concern the contract price and payments. Moreover, these two criteria are not sufficient to determine the deals and packages that meet the needs and requirements of the client. Here are 10 tips for choosing a health insurance company.

1. Know the real needs

To make the right choice; the customer must first understand their needs and expectations. He should choose a company that has a formula that meets your needs. Guarantees should also be studied carefully and see if they suit your medical habits, your family and your income.

2. Determine the current coverage

Some employers offer their employees additional mutual. The analysis of current coverage evaluates the advantages and limitations of the insurance company. If necessary, the customer has to choose a safe over-complementary health. If it is optional, you can subscribe to the by-election.

3. Compare Deals

Subscribing to health insurance is important and has to be careful. To subscribe to her best at the best value, comparing the formulas required. The idea is to choose the right one for your mutual expectations. Therefore, we compare the equivalent formulas.

4. Assign the task to an agent

To easily guide the process, the client can call a professional to do this service, it is called a “broker” or “broker”. The latter will put you in touch with insurance companies; while the selection of the best deals that meet your profile.

5. Focusing on health insurers without questionnaires

Health insurance can alleviate health-related expenses and to obtain refunds. For some insurance companies, which use health questionnaires overload the “risk subscription request”. Therefore, caution should be exercised.

6. Perform a simulation of amortization

Understanding reimbursements obtained at the expense of health is also essential to avoid unpleasant surprises. The best solution is to ask for a full simulation to better understand the concept.

7. Obtain reimbursement for the care of social security

Currently, the insurance companies support the health of some recipes, such as vaccines and related drugs addiction snuff. Therefore, it is essential to know the “Care”, which is not reimbursed by the mutual.

8. Negotiate waiting time

During the waiting period, some services cannot be supported by mutual. Therefore, we must negotiate these deadlines, or even remove them if possible.

9. Consider three important safeguards

Dental, optical and hospital admissions guarantees are checked carefully. In fact, justify signing up for a health insurance.

10. Amendment of the contract as required

During the period of insurance, the family or individual needs may change. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you evaluate the needs recommended. A good health insurance will lead to formulas that are more appropriate.