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Currently, detoxification has become a worldwide phenomenon because of the spread of industrialized food too. , Digestive disorders overweight, insomnia, skin problems, urinary tract infections and other warning signs are diverse and can be dangerous because of these foods. To remedy this, the drug rehab program must be followed so that the body regains its balance right.

Here is a list of 5 detox foods you can eat regularly.


The best ally for slimming and detox diet, beets contain a unique blend of natural chemicals (phytochemicals) and minerals that contribute to the elimination of toxic waste. Methionine and Beta dine fight against toxins while eliminating fatty acids. They are real blood purifiers that soothe the acid-base balance (pH) in the blood. In addition to their ability to flush the liver, these elements also help stimulate the oxygen in the body cells. This clearly means that the beets are excellent for your health.


Remarkably high in potassium, tomatoes contain lycopene. This bright red element is a real powerful antioxidant that reduces the risk of prostate, stomach problems and some cancers. In fact, the acidity of the tomato stimulates the secretion of digestive juices. This facilitates the disposal of toxic waste inside and outside the body. Mixed as a juice, cooked or canned puree as you can enjoy all its benefits to keep fit.


For a more effective detoxification treatment, consider adding the artichokes in all your food for the day. In fact, they have an excellent dose of mineral magnesium, which helps to stimulate sleep, remove the bad mood and stress. In addition, their high fiber creates a feeling of fullness. This limits the desire for food and helps maintain proper digestion. Apart from that, very rich in potassium, artichokes are also diuretics assets. To eat raw or cooked!


Sprouts are among the most commonly used vegetables for detoxification treatment. Indeed, they are full of antioxidant compounds that help the liver to the decomposition of excess fat. Chou also helps to cleanse the intestines and soothe the stomach. Its antibacterial and antiviral properties offer a perfect purification of the body. Whether red cabbage, cabbage, Brussels sprouts or other types, these vegetables are the best place to cure a successful detox. It can also neutralize some of the toxins in the body and facilitating the flow of the liver and has a preventive effect against some cancers.


Rich in calories and fiber, fennel is also a kind of vegetable that can provide a feeling of fullness. Thus, it reduces the desire to eat foods rich in calories. Outside of its bulb, leaves and seeds also contain antioxidants which nutrients are often used in herbal for regulating digestive disorders. Prepared in a soup, in foil or pies, fennel flush toxins; highly recommended after vacation periods.