For fear of not finding a hotel for a holiday or just a trip, we take care to book early in advance. Bad experience grows this prediction because unexpected surprise can spoil the mood during the travel. It can even make the effort to nothing and preparation for travel. However, last minute bookings are becoming increasingly affordable. Statistics say that 75% of last minute bookings are cheaper. Take a look at the trend.

Why last minute bookings become more affordable?

The economic logic say that more bids are many more advantageous rates are still valid for last minute bookings. Indeed, more and more hotels offer the services of a hotel mystery. They are growing in number and prices tend to fall. In addition, travel agencies incorporate these opaque deals in their benefits. In addition, last minute bookings for accommodation to enable them to liquidate the last. Liquidation price becomes more interesting.

Mystery Hotels

Although there is a possibility to get last-minute reservations are cheapest; it will be with hotels mystery. “Hotels mystery or” top secret hotels “are characterized by their discretion. Indeed, a travel agency offers rooms online on canvas, without giving information on each hotel. The name of the hotel is not disclosed until the actual booking. This practice is particularly suitable for those who want to find the lowest prices and rates of specific activity. These mysterious operations are particularly suitable for those looking for a last minute hotel with special needs or well-planned schedule. The important thing is to find a particular website that specializes in this service, and select the most interested offers.

Why these reservations attract so many people?

The misconception of the idea that last minute bookings are expensive less confirmed by the circumstances. Indeed, the number of people who call at the last minute is increasing year by year. Several circumstances are behind this decision. The development of online booking is among the main reasons for this thriving business. Such reservation may well occur at any time, no matter where you are in the world.

Then, as last minute bookings usually involve short stays, they tend to multiply. It is also known that occupational conditions are not always afforded to book in advance (holidays, assignment …).

Briefly speaking, the mysteries allow hotels to find accommodation quickly and represent advantages over an early reservation. In addition, last minute deals continue to grow until now. Thus, they become more accessible.