For most people, a big belly is a barrier with physical or perfect silhouette. For this reason, more research effective ways to achieve a flat and toned stomach.

Below you can find 5 daily exercises to lose belly fat. The exercises are essentially abs.


This is a classic exercise for those who want to have a flat stomach. It is simple and quickly brings strength. The person will put on his back to start the workout, with your feet on the floor and knees bent over. The hands are placed behind the head. Then, after that, by contracting the abdominal muscles, bring your chest to the thighs, if possible keeping the lower back to the floor. Finally, drag slowly. To emphasize the difficulty of the exercise, the brave can add weight and folding of the hands on the chest.

Tightening Cross

This exercise is to substantially eliminate the fat around the pile. Just like the classic crisis, you need to increase your chest. Go flat on your back with your knees bent up and fixed to the ground. From this position, try to move up the chest and hit the elbow, opposite knee. Then go to the starting position and repeat with the other elbow.
Elbow and knee drive in a chair

This workout requires the use of a chair. The person begins to sit. The folded arms perpendicular to each other. He lifts one knee to touch the opposite arm. Then it can start with the other knee and vice versa. While raising his knee, abs contracted lot, which is highly recommended to reduce fat.

Lift the leg on a chair

This act can be done with a chair. It is quite simple. Just sit on a chair. Take chairs for stability. Then contract your abs; lift your knees to get as close as possible to the chest. Once at this point, keep your knees motionless for a few seconds before the off. The goal is to repeat these workouts as often as possible for one minute. It should be noted that this exercise is primarily intended to remove the spare wheel located
on the lower abdomen.
The exercise of “advice”

This exercise is often forgotten by those who want a flat stomach. To do this, we must use our forearms and toes as a fulcrum when lying on stomach. The principle of the exercise is to increase the belly so it no longer touches the ground work glutes and abs. Once in high position, try to stay in place for a few seconds, to maximize muscular effort. Repeat position “Board” repeatedly.
Although these 5 exercises are great for losing belly cardio exercises such as running or jogging, to optimize the result.